W Framework for Strategic Planning

Maggie Sun
5 min readMay 23, 2024

Drawing experiences from their work at Airbnb and Eventbrite, Lenny Rachitsky and Nels Gilbreth developed W Framework, a four-step process to effectively streamline the complicated planning process, empower leaders to construct cohesive strategic plans and enhance the chance of their successful implementation.


Step 1. Context

Leadership shares the high-level strategy with teams, ensuring everyone understands the broader goals and context. This step delivers a draft strategic plan that includes:

- Mission: what the company aims to achieve.

- Vision: the desired outcome once the mission is accomplished.

- Goal: concrete criteria to measure success.

- Strategy: the path to achieving the goal.

- Strategic pillars: key bets the company needs to make.

Example: Airbnb’s Leadership shares a draft strategic plan emphasizing global expansion into the APAC market, with Japan as a likely focus.

Tips for developing the strategic plan:

  1. Start with listening: engage with…



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