The 10 Commandments for Media Consumers

Maggie Sun
3 min readApr 29, 2024

The Ten Commandments for Media Consumers serve as a thoughtful checklist that provides guidelines for media consumers to properly assess mass media communications. They were developed by an advocate for ethical journalism and media accountability, Cees Hamelink, in his article titled “Ethics for Media Users” that was published in the European Journal of Communication in December 1995.

1. Be a Considerate and Discriminating Media Consumer.

Approach media content critically and thoughtfully. Scrutinize the sources and underlying biases rather than passively accepting it.

2. Vigorously Fight Against Any Censorship.

Uphold the principle of free expression and support access to diverse viewpoints. Resist any attempts to suppress information or limit access.

3. Do Not Hinder Editorial Independence.

Support media outlets that maintain editorial autonomy. Avoid interfering with journalists’ independence.

4. Do Not Accept or Support Any Racism and Sexist Behaviors Undertaken by the Media.

Reject media content that perpetuates discrimination or harmful stereotypes. Hold media accountable for promoting equality and respect.



Maggie Sun

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